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the bearer of Megs' babies
17 April
Five things that are infinitely important to siggen1

Her husband. H is a very nice young man who also happens to be very much in love with siggen1 (the feeling is mutual). They got married in June 2008. siggen1 and her boy are living in the lovely Oslo, where they both work. siggen1 also has parents, a sister and a brother with respective spouses, and four amazing and beautiful and clever and cute nephew!boys. She loves them all to death.

Her little baby girl. Hanna was born in May 2012, and is the most beautiful baby in the word. Of course.

TV. Criminal Minds. How I Met Your Mother. Stargate Atlantis. (Pre-Keller, mind you.) M*A*S*H. Big Bang Theory The West Wing. Sports Night. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Newsroom.New Girl. Whitechapel.

Words. siggen1 loves words, all aspects of them. She’s a bit of a grammar nazi, and correcting someone’s grammar is somewhat of a knee-jerk response that she’s trying to tame. The images that language can create are infinitely intriguing and appealing to her. This is why she spends a considerable amount of time reading books and fic, reveling in the images others create, and it’s why she spends almost as much time trying to create and fuss over (and hopefully perfect) her own. Words are absolutely essential to siggen1, she lives and breathes them (and speaks way too many of them, mostly without thinking).

Friends. Among others: bergann is the light of her life, is always there when siggen1 needs her, and is generally the stuff of which awesomeness is made. nutmeg4077 is one of siggen1’s most favoritest people ever (despite possibly being the person in the world she has the least in common with) because she’s smart, compassionate, supportive and a lot of fun. sevs_girl72 is an enthusiastic cheering squad for siggen1’s fic efforts (and thereby general sanity-keeper) and wonderful partner in random discussion. mijmeraar is the coolest person in the southern hemisphere, a very good friend and an exceptionally awesome writer. dragonladyk is a great writer, a good friend, a sympathetic ear and a kick in the pants. She's also very intelligent and (unrelated to this) frequently professes her love for siggen1's brain. She is very cool, and siggen1 hopes to grow up to be like her. Minus the Hotch/Prentiss shipping. miasedai is siggen1's homegirl. She's everything and anything, together they make a dream team (that frequently tests H's patience). They giggle, laugh, talk, giggle some more, randomly shout "IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEEEEAN!" and generally make nuisances of themselves.


If you want to send me something or call me or anything, all my contact info is in this post, which you can access if I want you to*g*